Many people cannot imagine their lives without computers. Despite the rising popularity of notebooks and tablets, it is still the most common device in majority of companies and a necessary equipment of every game enthusiast.
TRAK takes care of complex repair of the PCs. We are aware that PC is very important to every client. Taking advantage of our knowledge and experience, we are able to repair every failure.

Apart from that we also provide our clients with 12 month guarantee.

We perform:

  • operational system cleaning and de-bugging,
  • operational system re-installation,
  • software installation (we install every programm compatible with the device),
  • data storage,
  • restoring data,
  • disc formatting,
  • software and driver adjustment,
  • power systems repair,
  • port repair,
  • replacement of component requiring BGA soldering,
  • replacement of damaged systems,
  • condensator replacement,
  • re-programming or BIOS replacement,

If you have a problem with::

  • lack of vision on the monitor,
  • lack of sound,
  • lack of colours,
  • blue screen,
  • damaged PC,
  • popularny blue screen,
  • unwanted resets of the PC,
  • work disruptions of the PC,
  • slow working PC,

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