TRAK Company terms of use

1. P.U.E. TRAK applies to the service regulations and pricing.
2. Client depositing the device accepts the following regulations.
3. The deposition of a device takes place at the location of TRAK Company, os. Stare Zegrze 50 61-249 Poznan or the device is received by an employee of TRAK Company at the place where the device is used. In case of a request by post, the client reports the failure by filling a proper form of TRAK Company.
4. The client is obliged to submit personal data which are to be used for the purposes entailed in the following regulations. The administration of the data is carried out in compliance with the Privacy Policy.
5. The postings including the device for a repair sent by cash on delivery or by fright collect shall not be accepted.
6. The condition under which the insurance comes in force is the carrier’s confirmation of the posting’s content according to the model and the serial number of the device.
7. Each service request entails following levels:

  • Reception of the serial number,
  • Order collection,
  • Failure diagnosis,
  • Pricing and date of the order realization setting,
  • Request finalization- information to the client,
  • Device return.

8. 8. At “order collection” the client may find information enabling him or her to contact the TRAK Company and check the request status.
9. The device deposited at the service has to be complete. At the request of the client, the service may accept incomplete device, but in case the repair is infeasible due to the incompleteness of the device, the client may be charged with the costs of diagnosis according to the binding pricing.
10. The deposited device is examined to determine the failure- diagnosis is free of charge.
11. Each received device requested for a repair is cleaned. Cleaning is free of charge. Otherwise, the costs are conditioned by the current pricing.
12. If the warranty is covered under warranty, Client is obliged to deliver the sale confirmation together with the device or warranty card.
13. If the warranty is covered under warranty, Client is obliged to deliver the sale confirmation together with the device or warranty card.
14. Maximum time of the repair is 14 working days from the date of the device reception. In case of the repair of higher difficulty the repair time is prolonged after being agreed with the Client.
15. The sole document entitling to the device reception is “Order collection”. TRAK Company reserves that any duplicates shall not be issued and does not carry responsibility for the results of its loss.
16. TRAK Company does not carry responsibility for data deposited on discs of the device received for repair if the client does not decide to store the data.
17. An additional fee for storage and insurance is charged for device which is not received after 14 day period for amount of 2% of the repair cost.
18. After 60 days from the date of collection device which is not recollected by the customer device becomes the property of TRAK Company.
19. The repaired devices are provided with the 3 month warranty starting from the date of device reception. In case of the warranted repair, the warranty period is prolonged for the period during which the device stays at the company location except for the failures that are not covered by the warranty which have been included below. The warranty covers only the elements and activities entailed in the request summary as completed by the TRAK Company. The complaint claimant is obliged to deliver the device to the repair point at own expense. In case of illegitimate warranty complaint, the claimant is charged with the cost of diagnosis.
20. TRAK Company is not responsible for the results of the improper use of the device before repair collection and for the damages resulting from repair attempts performed by other entities than TRAK Company. Purposed removal or damage to the guarantee seals and individual adjustments of the device service by TRAK Company result in the loss of warranty on a specific service.
21. Warranty exclude

  • mechanical, chemical and thermal damages
  • Damages resulting from expiation of the device in conditions that do not comply with the conditions described in the warranty card of the device and the instruction of the producer
  • Damages resulting from improper usage or usage is not compliant with the instruction, installation, storage or conservation as well as the commonly accepted rules of electronic device exploitation, especially damages which result from the lack of knowledge of the owner
  • Random events independent of the usage conditions not caused by TRAK Company
  • Parts at which the serial number has been defaced or damaged

Each conflict resulting from the realization of the warranty contract between TRAK Company and Claimant shall be resolved in first instance with intention for amicable settlement. Should it be impossible or unsatisfying for any part of the conflict, legal action shall be taken.
22. In case of lack of any repair possibility TRAK Company reserves right to return the damaged device with a slight alteration of the signs of the damage, altered working manner or not working at all. It is caused by the fact that the majority if the systems on motherboards is installed in BGA or SMD technology.
23. In special cases (failure turns out to be more serious than it has been evaluated at the device reception, import of the necessary elements) the previously established price may be altered after being agreed with the Client. In such case the Client may resign from the service.
24. Trade marks on the advertisements on web sites of TRAK Company are a property of TRAK Electronics Services Company and are protected under law.