TRAK Electronics Service Company decided to invest in eco-friendly technologies and entered the Photovoltaic inverters market. Gaining electrical energy from sun energy is becoming more and more popular and is now available to a higher number of clients.

Thanks to our company, a solar inverter failure does not have to mean a long waiting time for service and high costs. We are one of the few companies servicing the photovoltaic inverters of all the producers. That is the reason why our clients do not have to look for an authorized service of the manufacturer. 25 year long experience in industrial electronics we guarantee that your photovoltaic inverter will be repaired professionally.

We also look forward to cooperate with companies which sale photovoltaic solutions.

We provide a guarantee for solar inverter repair.

We service both single phase inverters as well as three phase ones.

The client controls all the costs
A free diagnosis and pricing is also provided.

Reliability and quickness
We can offer a reliable source of help and the as quick as possible completion of the requests. See our clients and references lists.

The profitability of repairs
Inverters are expensive devices, especially if the machine requires a dedicated device. What is more, some of the models are hard to obtain. From our experience we know that a service of a professional company allows the clients to save time and money.